Here are some tips on how to become an animal communicator. Start by imagining your animal in front of you, at a time when the animal is not present. Perhaps just before you go to bed. You may not be able to maintain a mental image of the animal but this does not matter. Just know that they are there. Feel their presence, their ‘vibe’ so to speak. Place your attention in your heart area. Feel the love that you have for this animal or for all animals or beings.

The important thing is not to strain. You do not need to maintain the image in your mind’s eye; neither do you need to strain to send love out towards them. Just be aware of your heart-centre and feel the love that you have for them there. Keeping it simple is important in being an animal communicator.

Imagine that you have a mouth at your heart centre or a cone through which thought-sound can travel. Speak to them silently from this centre not allowing the energy of your awareness to move higher into your head. If it does, bring it back to your heart-centre again. Match the words that you say silently with the feeling in your heart-centre. You may surprise yourself to find that you use different words than you intended. This is the essential core of being able to be an animal communicator.

Try doing this next time you speak to a member of your family, or a friend. As you speak out loud to them, intend to keep your awareness in your heart. I have noticed that when I am feeling vulnerable or afraid, the centre of my energy travels up to my head behind my eyes sometimes. If you experience this, just start again gently and bring it back down to your heart-centre again. My experience is that energy travels up to my heart when there is something to express. When there is something alive in the other person, my heart-centre goes naturally quiet. This exercise can save you pounds in couples’ counselling! At no point extend energy outside of yourself but just keep a gentle focus on your inner-being at your heart-centre. In short, stay within the circle of your own being. Close your eyes and feel that statement even if you don’t understand it with your head-mind. You could repeat it to yourself like a mantra! This involves being gentle with yourself, something which many of us find difficult. Gaining skill at doing this takes a little time and practice, but it really is the key skill of being an animal communicator.