One of the first things I teach my workshop participants and private students on becoming an animal communicator is how to communicate from the heart so that an animal can truly hear you. It is my understanding that animals are not able to hear our busy head minds, especially when our minds are racing along wondering what we are going to have for tea tonight or whether we have enough washing up liquid. Usually for most animals and for animal communication to be truly successful,  there has to be some emotional resonance in order that an animal can hear us accurately. This is the essence of being an effective animal communicator.

Firstly one must feel their ‘presence’ to ensure that you have a good link to begin with. This takes some time to practice in the early stages, but after a little bit of practice of being an animal communicator, you can ‘flick the switch’ so to speak and find a link with the animal in question in just a few moments. Some people find it useful to imagine the animal in front of them, (if the animal in question is absent) and by spending time generating this image, the communicator begins to feel the animal’s presence or vibe. What we are really talking about is their essence, their soul, their spirit which is palpable when our awareness is centred in our body-mind. When we place our attention on the awareness around our hearts and simultaneously feel our love for them, our link is assured. The next step is to learn to communicate silently from the heart (it helps some people to imagine a cone-shaped loud-speaker there). This is when things get rather interesting. When we stay centred in our hearts it is impossible to lie or to run away from what we truly are saying. We don’t seem to be able to disconnect from the message and we must find words that match the energy of our hearts in any one moment. In this way we become a true animal communicator.