Often people who have attended my Animal Communication Workshops and Animal Ambassadors Apprenticeship describe how they seem to have success hearing the thoughts of animals other than their own but when it comes to their own animals, they seem to have a harder time. So why is it sometimes harder to communicate with our own animals and easier with those that we don’t know or know less well?  

When something matters emotionally..

Firstly, in seership, mediumship or animal communication, when something emotionally matters to you, it is harder for your to ‘get yourself out the way’. In other words, it is harder to receive the still, small voice of the animal when your heart and mind are full of worry and wonderings of what might be wrong. If your animal is unwell or showing unusual behaviour, then your mind may be in a constant whirr, trying to figure out the reason for your animal’s behaviour. In short, your head is too full. This is why at times like this, it is always best to ask for another animal communicator to listen to your animal for you. (Or of course, a vet, if you a very worried about your animal.)  In cases such as this, you may have a friend who is an accomplished animal communicator or you may want to seek out the help of a professional animal communicator.

When we lose a loved one..

This also holds true in mediumship.  If we want to speak to a loved one who has only recently passed into the world of spirit, we are often quite desperate to feel a connection with them. We are unlikely to be ’empty’ and still enough to perform as a good channel because we so badly want to ‘find’ that loved one. Moreover,  our heart may be full of emotion and in the throws of grieving. At these times, making a connection just matters so much that we are not clear or impartial enough.

Don’t be attached to the outcome..

The best communication comes when we have no expectation or attachment to the outcome. Always having a beginner’s mind, is the very best way of approaching learning the art of animal communication. Maintaining a measure of detachment is vital. How many of us have this degree of detachment with our own animals or loved ones departed? 

Be consistent.. 

Even if you feel that you cannot hear what your animal is saying, you can easily learn how to communicate with your animal so that they can hear you. By communicating from the heart and staying congruent, we can ensure that our animals hear us. This comes with a responsibility! If we do this and promise that we will return within the hour, then that is what we need to do. If you break your promises, your animal may ‘switch off’ from you and think that you are unreliable or ‘deaf’!

Practice when the animal is absent… 

DON’T LOOK AT THE FUR SUIT! It could blind you to the person beneath…

Sometimes when trying to understand what your animal is saying, it helps to turn your back on them so that you cannot be distracted by the fur suit and all that your human conditioning has been telling you about who goats, horses, dogs, etc, are.

Instead, just feel your animal’s presence, their awareness and imagine talking to that.

This method also ensures that you are not distracted by your animal’s body language and its busyness.

This is even easier when you are in the bath or shower, about to go to sleep or sitting in meditation… Just imagine them in front of you and see if you can receive more easily.

Because we share so much of our time with our animals, we think that we know them. We believe that we understand what they want. Of course, often we are right but not always!

Next time the cat rubs herself against your legs, or your dog puts his paw on your shin, rather than say to yourself,

‘Ah, the cat just wants feeding again.’ 

Or ‘She just wants my attention.’

just gently drop down into the awareness around your heart and ask silently, ‘What are you wanting, Truffles?’

In short, let go of assumptions about your animal…

Take YOU out of the equation..

Students of animal communication and other forms of seership, can often have a high degree of success in their first attempts at linking with an animal in a workshop setting. Once they are home, however, animal communicator students sometimes find it more difficult to maintain the same degree of success.  I have often found that there is a ‘sticky point’ in the middle of the journey to becoming an animal communicator or a psychic medium. My feeling is that, once we are used to a little success, we get a bit sloppy with our link or our identity begins to become attached to ‘being psychic’ or an animal communicator. Ironically we become more attached to believing that we must always be right and a short while after this, At this point we often get a lesson in humility!

And that’s what animal communication is all about. It is not about us, it’s about them. If you can always remember that it is not you that is communicating, that it is in fact the animal and there is nothing that you can do to make it happen, then you will have greater success and accuracy. In short, maintain the beginner’s mind at all costs!

Talk to other animals more than your own…

This may sound odd, but when you are learning to become an animal communicator, you need to spend a greater percentage of your time linking to animals that you don’t know. This way you learn to trust your information and accuracy to a greater extent.

Most importantly…

Some communication is better than no communication! Keep working on being heard by your animal and being consistent with them and you will gradually be graced by the amazing feeling of hearing thoughts which aren’t your own.

Don’t forget…. the animals need us. xxx