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Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training

NB: All future Animal Communication Training will now be presented through the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids:

The Animal Communication Apprenticeship provides a complete grounding in the art of animal communication and provides the necessary practice and training to develop animal communication skills to a professional level. It is comprised of TWO components: the Foundation Studies component and the Advanced Studies component.

At the completion of the Foundation Studies apprentices will have been given the necessary tools to develop their ability to communicate with their own animals and with those of friends and family. 

Once the Foundation Studies component has been completed, apprentices can then apply, if they wish, for the Advanced Studies component.

Throughout the Apprenticeship you will:

  • Reach a more profound understanding of your own nature
  • Develop your own spiritual practice
  • Deepen your connection to the natural world including the animal kingdom
  • Begin to safely develop your ‘second sight’ through working with the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire as well as Centre
  • Be given the tools to communicate with an animal so that they can truly hear you
  • Learn to communicate with an animal just from a photograph
  • Learn to communicate with living animals present
  • Learn how to scan an animal to find out information about health issues
  • Be given the tools to hear the thoughts of animals and hold a thought conversation with them
  • Learn to communicate with animals who have passed into spirit


The Animal Communication Apprenticeship deepens people’s connection to the timeless wisdom of the natural world; to our own beautiful shamanic traditions and offers participants a safe and balanced way to develop their ‘second sight’ 

This animal communication training is unique in that it is taught exclusively within an earth-based spirituality framework.

Animal Communication is part of seership as a whole and this apprenticeship has been developed with the understanding that seership is most safely developed within an earth-based mystery tradition.  The reason for this is that earth-based spirituality encourages us to balance and harmonise our natures, and to live within the natural cycles of the earth. It teaches us to be grounded, seeking spirituality through the simple beauty of nature; searching for the divine within all beings; coming into right relationship with ourselves, nature, the plant and animal kingdoms.  

Seership was once a most revered ancient art and rightfully belongs to its ancient shamanic root. The intimate knowledge of an otherworld interpenetrating this world of matter has been understood and experienced by shamans across the globe and by all shamanic cultures. Here, in the UK, it finds expression through our own indigenous shamanic practices.

The Animal Communication Apprenticeship encourages people to develop their understanding of the mystery of their own natures and to access the well of wisdom and divinity that is within each one of us, enabling participants to stand in their own authority, their own Sovereignty. 

Dates for 2020


Module One: Centre 22/23 Feb

Module Two: Earth. 28/29 Mar

Module Three: Water. 2/3 May

Module Four: Air   6/7 Jun

Module Five: Fire. 11/12 Jul


Module Six: Lower World. 19/20 Sept

Module Seven: Upper World  17/18 Oct

Module Eight: Sovereignty 14/15 Nov

About Susie Shiner, Animal Communicator & Artist

Susie Shiner is one of the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicators, offering demonstrations of animal communication as well as animal communication consultations. Her year long animal communication apprenticeship diploma course has druidry and shamanism as its framework.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press ‘reeling’ with evidence that your animals can really talk.  A gifted pet psychic with exceptional seer and telepathy abilities, she provides animal communication training, animal communication workshops, as well as a year long animal communication apprenticeship and diploma, teaching you to talk to your pets – just like Dr Doolittle! She also offers private tuition.