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The Art of Seership, once highly revered, is a most sacred ancient art. The Wild Rose Foundation Apprenticeships are built upon the understanding and experience that seership is most safely learned within an earth-based mystery tradition.  

Earth-based spirituality encourages us to balance and harmonise our natures, and to live within the natural cycles of the earth. It teaches us to be grounded, seeking spirituality through the simple beauty of nature; searching for the divine within all beings; coming into right relationship with ourselves, nature, the plant and animal kingdoms.  

Seership rightfully belongs to its ancient root: shamanism, whose knowledge of an otherworld interpenetrating this world of matter, is understood by shamans across the globe and all shamanic cultures. Here, it finds expression through our own indigenous shamanism: Druidry, Traditional Witchcraft, the Faery Tradition. 

By deepening people’s connection to the timeless wisdom of the natural world, and to our own beautiful shamanic traditions, training within the Wild Rose Foundation offers participants a safe and balanced way to develop their ‘second sight’ 

The Wild Rose Foundation encourages people to develop their understanding of the mystery of their own natures and to access the well of wisdom and divinity that is within each one of us, enabling participants to stand in their own authority, their own Sovereignty. 

Its aim is to allow people’s second senses to grow so that they
can have real experiences of the numinous presence within
Nature; to hear the voice of Mother Earth, the Old Gods, the
Ancestors, our Loved Ones Departed; to understand the hearts
and minds of animals and to hold thought conversations with
them. It acknowledges a universal language by which all
beings communicate. It believes that this language is our
birthright, giving us a deep sense of belonging and helps us to
find our rightful place in nature.

The term ‘seership’ is used as an umbrella term to encompass
all aspects of the ‘second sight,’ such as the development of
intuition, divination, communing with
deity, receiving messages from the Ancestors, from the Animal
and Plant kingdoms, from faery kin and spirit allies.

One form of seership leads to another. If we can communicate
with and share a thought conversation with an animal, we can
also do the same with a loved one departed and a whole
myriad of other beings. One form of seership
cannot be developed in isolation. Within the Wild
Rose Foundation, therefore, we learn this sacred art
through its intimate connection to its mother, the ancient
wisdom of shamanic practice.

In order to develop our seership safely and to live within
sacred law, we must first learn to balance our psyches through
deep inner spiritual work out in the natural world and through
shamanic practice. The Faery Tradition is a path, not a
destination. No two people are the same. Each
unfolds according to the dictates of his or her own rhythm. Throughout the apprenticeships, each participant is led,
through their own unfolding and healing to deepen their
connection to the Divine in Nature.

The Wild Rose approach is to facilitate you to
learn directly from the numinous within the natural world, not
apprenticing yourself to a human teacher, but rather to the
divine within, allowing healing and alchemy to occur from
close contact with nature, plants and animals.

All learning within the Wild Rose Foundation is guided by the
shamanic glyph of the Dragon’s (or Serpent’s) Egg. This glyph
acts as a guide to both our inner world, as well as giving
insight into the heart of creation. It shows us how we may
remain in harmony and balance both within and without. It
is a sacred symbol encouraging us to seek guidance from
within rather than compliance with forces outside of our self.

As well as offering workshops in Animal Communication, the
Wild Rose Foundation School of Seership currently offers THREE Apprenticeships,
including a Diploma in Animal Communication.

They are:
The Animal Ambassadors Apprenticeship
The Way of the Rose Apprenticeship
The Tree Medicine Apprenticeship


The School of Seership currently offers THREE Apprenticeship routes. They are: 

The Animal Ambassadors Apprenticeship 

The Way of the Rose 

The Tree Medicine Apprenticeship